A single solution for managing & tracking surgical equipment.

CompleteOR™ is changing the way healthcare organizations manage surgeries.

With CompleteOR™ healthcare facilities receive a total solution to surgical problems like increasing vendor communications, providing new levels of transparency, and the ability to easily track surgical equipment and surgical trays. A single platform solution improves a facility’s overall operating room efficiency rates, optimization of equipment utilization and the reduction in equipment replacement purchases that can be worth millions annually.

SINGLE INTERFACE for ease of use


Manage alerts and notifications for surgical cases.


Send messages to staff and vendors for case transparency and accuracy.


Real-Time Location System (RTLS) to easily track and monitor equipment location inside or outside the facility.

MANAGE & PROTECT valuable mobile medical equipment .

CompleteOR™ uniquely combines the most accurate Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technologies with full visibility packaged within a user-friendly interface all on a single platform. Just one infrastructure to install and manage, making it the most practical asset visibility solution available today.

  • Seamless Integration with other 3rd party services including EHRs.
  • User-friendly dashboard (increased adoption rate curve)
  • Cost effective


Key Feature 1


Key Feature 2


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TOUGHKube™ works in conjunction with CompleteOR™ to maximize results.

  • Only autoclavable BLE Beacon on the market
  • Can withstand harsh sterilization cycles
  • Up to 3 year battery life depending on beacon movement
  • Waterproof


CompleteSolutions™ for Hospital Management & (RTLS) Asset Tracking

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